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The Seminar Videos are for continuing learning education credits that apply to your Private Investigators License. You need CLE credits to keep your license up to date. The videos can be purchased by members or non-members.

These videos provide a means to earn Continuing Learning Education credits within the limits imposed by DPSST for video training. However, members are encouraged to attend our seminars in person, because we wish to provide all members access to their peers to exchange information, ideas, and to build camaraderie.

The cost of the videos of the seminars are the initial cost of the seminar plus postage and handling. The videos are for sale for individual use only and are not allowed to be loaned, shared, resold or rented out. OALI retains all rights to these videos and does not authorize any reproduction without our express written consent.

Member Pricing

  • Full Seminar Videos for Members $105
  • Individual Speaker Videos for Members $30
  • To receive videos on a thumb drive instead of DVD add $6

Non-Member Pricing

  • Full Seminar Videos for Non-Members $130
  • Individual Speaker Videos for Non-Members $35
  • To receive videos on a thumb drive instead of DVD add $6

Ordering Videos                        (Click here to download the Video Order Form)

To order seminar videos, download the Video Order Form (PDF), fill it out, and mail to:

PO Box 2705
Portland, OR 97208

Credit Card orders may be faxed: 1-800-385-OALI (6254) or emailed to:

We accept payment by Check or Credit Card.

When paying by Credit Card include type of card (Visa, Master Card, American Express), your name exactly as it appears on the card, the Billing Address for the card (If different than shipping address), the card expiration date (Month and Year), the CVV Security Code, date and sign the order form.

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