OALI hosts three Continuing Education Seminars each year. These seminars are provided in order to offer a means for Investigators to meet the Continuing Education requirements of the Oregon Department of Public Safety, Standards and Training (DPSST). Those attending these seminars are sure to accumulate the required hours.

 OALI begins the year with the Spring Seminar, normally mid-March in the Portland area. In the middle of the year, OALI hosts the Summer Seminar in June in conjunction with the Annual Business Meeting in the Salem area. The Fall Seminar is usually in October in the Eugene/Springfield area. The costs to attend the Seminars varies, depending on the cost of the facility, meals, and the projected number of attendees.

 OALI provides a variety of speakers at each seminar, with the objective to provide a balance between the two areas of study required by DPSST: Ethics, and General topics.


  No Show For Seminar: If you have paid for the seminar but cannot attend for any reason you may request a copy of the seminar video for an additional $30.00 within 90 days after the Seminar, at which time the offer will expire.