Seminar Videos 2017


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Spring Seminar 3/11/2017 in Portland, OR


Full Seminar

ID: V20170311
Title: Full Spring 2017 Seminar 3/11/2017
Speaker: All Speakers
Credit Hours: General 7 / Ethics 1

Individual Speakers

ID: V20170311A
Title: Basics of Mining Social Media
Speaker: Ryan Hustead
Credit Hours: Ethics 1

ID: V20170311B
Title: Landlord – Tenant Laws for Investigators
Speaker: David Lawrence
Credit Hours: 1

ID: V20170311C
Title: Insurance Services and Options
Speaker: Mary Lou Hadwick
Credit Hours: 1

ID: V20170311D
Title: Civil Attorneys and Private Investigators: Missed Opportunities
Speaker: Lance Clark
Credit Hours: 1

ID: V20170311E
Title: Digital Evidence and Other Risky Discovery Issues
Speaker: Roy Miller
Credit Hours: 1

ID: V20170311F
Title: Investigating an Out of State Felony Case
Speaker: Patrick Higgins
Credit Hours: 1

ID: V20170311G
Title: Introduction to Firearm Safety and Use of Deadly Force
Speaker: Ron Miller
Credit Hours: 1

Summer Seminar 6/17/2017 in Salem, OR


Full Seminar

ID: V20170617
Title: Full Summer 2017 Seminar 6/17/2017
Speaker: All Speakers
Credit Hours: General 7 / Ethics 1

Individual Speakers

ID: V20170617A
Title: Common Crimes within the Hispanic Community
Speaker: Jorge Macias
Credit Hours: 1

ID: V20170617B
Title: Oregon Innocent Project
Speaker: Janis Puracal and Brittney Plesser
Credit Hours: 1

ID: V20170617C
Title: Investigations in General
Speaker: Verne Hoyer
Credit Hours: 1

ID: V20170617D
Title: Investigators: Bond vs E&O: Insurance
Speaker: Michelle Norwell
Credit Hours: 1

ID: V20170617E
Title: Weather: The Silent Witness
Speaker: Laura Goody
Credit Hours: 2

ID: V20170617F
Title: Non-Technical PI’s Achieving Successful Investigations in Ever Increasing Technological Environment
Speaker: Mike Hansen
Credit Hours: Ethics 1

ID: V20170617G
Title: OALI Investigator
Speaker: Patrick Higgins
Credit Hours: 1

Fall Seminar 10/21/2017 in Keizer, OR


Full Seminar

ID: V20171021
Title: Full Fall 2017 Seminar 10/21/2017
Speaker: All Speakers
Credit Hours: General 6.5 / Ethics 1

Individual Speakers                                                                                                                                            ID: V20171021A
Title: Elements of Crimes: Sex Abuse
Speaker: Suzanne Taylor
Credit Hours: 1

ID: V20171021B
Title: Getting Along With the Attorney and Investigator
Speaker: Chris Hansen
Credit Hours: 1

ID: V20171021C
Title: Understanding the Role of the OR State Medical Examiner (Pre-Recorded 2013)
Speaker: Dr. Carl Wigren
Credit Hours: 1

ID: V20171021D
Title: What You Need to Know at an Autopsy (Pre-Recorded 2013)
Speaker: Rob Brown
Credit Hours: Ethics 1.5

ID: V20171021E
Title: Gang Crimes and Drug Cartels
Speaker: David Carlson
Credit Hours: 1

ID: V20171021F
Title: Polygraph
Speaker: Cameron Nigh
Credit Hours: 1

ID: V20171021G
Title: Pre-Release, Pre-Trial and Pre-Sentencing Mitigation
Speaker: Joan Ayala
Credit Hours: 1