Seminar Videos 2014

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Spring Seminar 3/22/2014 in Portland, OR

Full Seminar

ID: V20140322
Title: Full Spring Seminar 3/22/2014
Speaker: All Speakers
Credit Hours: General 7 / Ethics 1

Single Speakers

ID: V20140322a
Title: DPSST Updates
Speaker: Ron Miller and Jim Gibson
Credit Hours: 1

ID: V20140322b
Title: Trajectory
Speaker: Verne Joyer
Credit Hours: 2

ID: V20140322c
Title: The Maurin Murders in Lewis Co. WA
Speaker: Chris Peterson
Credit Hours: 1

ID: V20140322d
Title: Fingerprinting
Speaker: Larry Rosson
Credit Hours: 1

ID: V20140322e
Title: The Difficult Locate
Speaker: Keith Weeks
Credit Hours: 1

ID: V20140322f
Title: History of Private Investigation and Where You Belong In It
Speaker: Wayne Gunderson
Credit Hours: 1

ID: V20140322g
Title: Ethics and Law
Speaker: Pat Higgins and Ron Miller
Credit Hours: Ethics 1

No Summer or Fall 2014 Seminar