Seminar Videos 2006

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Spring Seminar 3/18/2006

Full Seminar

ID: V20060318
Title: Full Spring Seminar 3/18/2006
Speaker: All Speakers
Credit Hours: General 5 / Ethics 2

Single Speakers

ID: V20060318a
Title: PowerPoint for Investigators
Speaker: Janice Tamlick
Credit Hours: 1.5

ID: V20060318b
Title: Ethics in Witness Selection
Speaker: Verne Hoyer
Credit Hours: General .5 / Ethics 1

ID: V20060318c
Title: Force Dynamics
Speaker: Bill Hollis and Ally House
Credit Hours: General 3 / Ethics 1

Summer Seminar 6/3/2006

Full Seminar

ID: V20060603
Title: Full Summer Seminar 6/3/2006
Speaker: All Speakers
Credit Hours: 9

Single Speakers

ID: V20060603a
Title: Preparation for Computer Forensics
Speaker: Roy Miller
Credit Hours: 2

ID: V20060603b
Title: Forensic Science: Thinking Outside the Box
Speaker: Dr. Raymond Grimsbo
Credit Hours: 2

ID: V20060603c
Title: It’s not in the Book. What does accreditation mean for the crime labs?
Speaker: Michael Howard and Gary Knowles
Credit Hours: 2

ID: V20060603d
Title: Design and Structure of Crime/Collision Scenes
Speaker: Vern Hoyer and Mike Alex
Credit Hours: 2

ID: V20060603e
Title: DPSST Updates
Speaker: Chris Bloom
Credit Hours: 1

Fall Seminar 10/21/2006

Full Seminar

ID: V20061021
Title: Full Fall Seminar 10/21/2006
Speaker: All Speakers
Credit Hours: 8

Single Speakers

ID: V20061021a
Title: Non-Profits/Investigators and Accounting
Speaker: Karen Winters
Credit Hours: 1

ID: V20061021b
Title: Legal Nurse Consultant: A Prescription for Success
Speaker: Joanne Miller
Credit Hours: 2

ID: V20061021c
Title: Private Security / Investigators and the DPSST
Speaker: Guest Speakers
Credit Hours: 1

ID: V20061021d
Title: Motor Vehicle Crash Injury
Speaker: Dr. Michael Freeman PhD
Credit Hours: 2

ID: V20061021e
Title: Crash Data Retrieval and Vehicle Event Data Recorders
Speaker: Rob Sterns
Credit Hours: 2