Seminar Videos 2004

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Spring Seminar 3/27/2004

Full Seminar

ID: V20040327
Title: Full Spring Seminar 3/27/2004
Speaker: All Speakers
Credit Hours: General 5.5 / Ethics 2

Single Speakers

ID: V20040327a
Title: Document Examinations
Speaker: James A Green
Credit Hours: 1.5

ID: V20040327b
Title: Ethical and Procedural Considerations
Speaker: Robert W Brown
Credit Hours: Ethics 2

ID: V20040327c
Title: Recognizing Drug Use
Speaker: Robert M Julien MD
Credit Hours: 1

ID: V20040327d
Title: Applications for the Non-Technical Investigator
Speaker: Michael J Hansen
Credit Hours: 1.5

ID: V20040327e
Title: Sub Rosa Surveillance
Speaker: James F Curtis
Credit Hours: 1.5

Summer Seminar 6/4/2004

Full Seminar

ID: V20040605
Title: Full Summer Seminar 6/4/2004
Speaker: All Speakers
Credit Hours: 4.5

Single Speakers

ID: V20040605a
Title: Successful Financial Solutions for Small Business
Speaker: Michael Eugenio
Credit Hours: 1.5

ID: V20040605b
Title: Oregon Board of Investigators Panel Discussion
Speaker: Paige, Hamilton, Herrick
Credit Hours: 1.75

ID: V20040605c
Title: Hazardous Waste Site Clean-up, Blame and Costs
Speaker: James R Wilkinson
Credit Hours: 1.25

So District Regional Mtg 10/4/2004

Full Meeting

ID: V20041004
Title: Full So District Regional Mtg 10/4/2004
Speaker: All Speakers
Credit Hours: General 4 / Ethics 1

Single Speakers

ID: V20041004a
Title: Collision Forensics, Accident Reconstruction
Speaker: Peter Ras
Credit Hours: 2

ID: V20041004b
Title: Ethics and My Life with Pete Moursund
Speaker: Gail Riggs
Credit Hours: Ethics 1

ID: V20041004c
Title: It’s Your Business
Speaker: David Vollbrecht
Credit Hours: 1

ID: V20041004d
Title: Updateon the Oregon Board of Investigators
Speaker: Kelly Paige
Credit Hours: 1

Fall Seminar 11/6/2004

Full Seminar

ID: V20041106
Title: Full Fall Seminar 11/6/2004
Speaker: All Speakers
Credit Hours: General 3.5 / Ethics 1.5

Single Speakers

ID: V20041106a
Title: Investigations & Dealingwith Intellectual Property
Speaker: Leonard D. Duboff
Credit Hours: 2

ID: V20041106b
Title: Telecommunications Fraud
Speaker: Kevin Perkins
Credit Hours: 1.5

ID: V20041106c
Title: Ethics and Introduction to the Field of Investigations
Speaker: Patrick A. Higgins
Credit Hours: Ethics 1.5