Seminar Videos 2003

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Spring Seminar 3/15/2003

Full Seminar

ID: V20030315
Title: Full Spring Seminar 3/15/2003
Speaker: All Speakers
Credit Hours: 4.5

Single Speakers

ID: V20030315a
Title: Latent Print Examining, Processing and Comparison
Speaker: Tim Kinberg
Credit Hours: 1.5

ID: V20030315b
Title: Fair Credit Reporting Act: Staying in Compliance and Out
Speaker: Paula Barran
Credit Hours: 1.5

ID: V20030315c
Title: Implications and Effects of Privacy Legislation vs. the Private
Speaker: Robert Townsend
Credit Hours: 1.5

ID: V20030315d
Title: Investigating the Name of Aaron’s Priest
Speaker: Dan Gatti
Credit Hours: 1

Summer Seminar 6/7/2003

Full Seminar

ID: V20030607
Title: Full Summer Seminar 6/7/2003
Speaker: All Speakers
Credit Hours: 8

Single Speakers

ID: V20030607a
Title: Computer Maintenance and Security
Speaker: Steve Knopik
Credit Hours: 1.5

ID: V20030607b
Title: Mitigation Investigations
Speaker: Denise Johnson
Credit Hours: 1.5

ID: V20030607c
Title: Rules of Evidence a Private Investigator Should Know
Speaker: Stuart A Steinberg
Credit Hours: 3

ID: V20030607d
Title: State Open Public Records Law Investigations
Speaker: Les Zaitz
Credit Hours: 2

So District Regional Mtg 8/4/2003

Full Meeting

ID: V20030804
Title: Full So District Regional Mtg 8/4/2003
Speaker: All Speakers
Credit Hours: 3

Single Speakers

ID: V20030804a
Title: Update on OBI Board
Speaker: Kelly Paige
Credit Hours: .5

ID: V20030804b
Title: So You Want to be a Death Penalty Investigator and Ride
Speaker: Moursund/Panter
Credit Hours: 1

ID: V20030804c
Title: Evaluation of Death Scene Investigations
Speaker: Mike Probst, MD
Credit Hours: .5

ID: V20030804d
Title: Changes in the Crime Lab System in Recent Years
Speaker: Jim Pex, MS
Credit Hours: 1

Fall Seminar 10/18/2003

Full Seminar

ID: V20031018
Title: Full Fall Seminar 10/18/2003
Speaker: All Speakers
Credit Hours: General 6 / Ethics 1

Single Speakers

ID: V20031018a
Title: Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Gramm-Leach-Bliley
Speaker: Eddy McClain, Charles
Credit Hours: General 3 / Ethics 1

ID: V20031018b
Title: Oregon Investigators Panel, Locating Witnesses
Speaker: Gary Crowe, Keith
Credit Hours: 3