Seminar Videos 2002

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Spring Seminar 3/15/2002

Full Seminar

ID: V20020315
Title: Full Spring Seminar 3/15/2002
Speaker: All Speakers
Credit Hours: 6

Single Speakers

ID: V20020315a
Title: The Psychology and Law of Domestic Violence
Speaker: Dave Freeman
Credit Hours: 2

ID: V20020315b
Title: How to Access the Oregon Board of Medical Examiners
Speaker: Dave LaDuca
Credit Hours: 1

ID: V20020315c
Title: Marketing Investigation Services to Insurance Companies
Speaker: Brad Bacom
Credit Hours: 2

ID: V20020315d
Title: Identity Theft
Speaker: Gordon Compton
Credit Hours: 1

Summer Seminar 6/8/2002

Full Seminar

ID: V20020608
Title: Full Summer Seminar 6/8/2002
Speaker: All Speakers
Credit Hours: 7

Single Speakers

ID: V20020608a
Title: Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing
Speaker: Frank Ritter, CLI
Credit Hours: 2

ID: V20020608b
Title: Why Lawyers Need to Use Investigators
Speaker: Judge Ed Jones
Credit Hours: 1.5

ID: V20020608c
Title: Forensic Psychology
Speaker: Linda Grounds and Jean
Credit Hours: 1.5

ID: V20020608d
Title: Marketing Advice for Private Investigators
Speaker: Bob Mackowiak
Credit Hours: 2

Fall Seminar 10/19/2002

Full Seminar

ID: V20021019
Title: Full Fall Seminar 10/19/2002
Speaker: All Speakers
Credit Hours: 4.75

Single Speakers

ID: V20021019a
Title: Vacuum Metal Deposition, High Tech Fingerprint
Speaker: Steve Todd
Credit Hours: .5

ID: V20021019b
Title: The New Public Defense Services Commission, Changes
Speaker: Ann Christian
Credit Hours: 1.25

ID: V20021019c
Title: Fair Credit Reporting Act: Staying in Compliance and Out
Speaker: Paula Barran
Credit Hours: 1.75

ID: V20021019d
Title: Forensic Injury Bio Mechanics
Speaker: W C “Toby” Hayes
Credit Hours: 1.25