Andal, Debra

Andal, Debra J Member since November 2007 Company:  Privado Investigations Address:  PO Box 265, Salem, OR 97308  Phone:  503-399-8377 Fax:  503-399-8412 Email:

Batchelder-Galvan, Nicholas

Batchelder-Galvan, Nicholas PI ID# 82061 Member since April 2021 Company:  NBG Investigation Group and Notary Address:  3000 Market St Suite 407, Salem, OR 97301 Phone:  541-272-9869 Email: Website:

Bender, Richard

Bender, Richard Member since October 2010 Company: RB Investigations PO Box 5817 Salem, OR 97304 Phone: 5033704100 Email: Specialties: Personal Injury, Process Service

Caswell, Helen

Caswell, Helen Member since September 2016 Company: Caswell Legal Investigations 317 Court St., #201 Salem, OR 97301 Phone: 503-990-6717 Email:

Cooper, Steve

Cooper, Steve Member since August 2021 License:    102569 Company:    Pathfinder Investigations, LLC Email: Phone:    503-902-5158 Fax:   Address:    4676 Commercial St SE #54, Salem, OR 97302 Website:  ...

Dankenbring, Gina

Dankenbring, Gina Member since June 2021 License:   74521 Company:   Tigon Investigations Email: Phone:   503-689-2910 Fax:   Address:   PO Box 12511, Salem, OR 97309 Website:  ...

de la Torre, Raul

de la Torre, Raul Member since May 2007 License:   33483 Company:   Privado Investigations Email: Phone:   503-399-8366 Fax:   503-399-8412 Address:   PO Box 265, Salem, OR 97308 Website: Specialties:  ...

Downie, Matthew D

Downie, Matthew D Member since October 2019 PI License #46842 Company: Email: Phone: Fax: Address: Website: Specialties: Notary

Farnham, Joelé

Farnham, Joelé Member since October 2021 License:    103294 Company:    Public Defender of Marion County Email: Phone:    503-480-0521 Fax:   Address:    198 Commercial St. SE, # 240, Salem, OR 97301 Website: Specialties:  ...

Ferder, Robert

Ferder, Robert A. Member since March 2010 Company: Robert A. Ferder, Private Investigator PO Box 17371 Salem, OR 97305-7371 Phone: 5033396388 Alt Phone: (503)393-2415 Email:

Guizar, Camilo I

Guizar, Camilo I Member since August 2021 License:    102916 Company:    Public Defender of Marion County Email: Phone:    503-480-0521 Fax:   Address:    198 Commercial St. SE, Suite 240, Salem, OR 97301 Website:   Specialties:    Criminal...

Jaqua, Renee

Jaqua, Renee L Member since March 1999 Company: Redman Investigations, Inc 4742 Liberty Rd S #440 Salem, OR 97302 Alt Phone: 503-930-6099 Email: Specialties: Discrimination, Fraud, Industrial Accident, Insurance Investigations, Legal, Process...

Jeffers, Dwight

Jeffers, Dwight Member since June 2013 Company: Dwight Jeffers PO Box 5817 Salem, OR 97304 Phone: 503-370-4100 Fax: 503-990-6557 Alt Phone: 503-551-2989 Email:

Maddox, Michael

Maddox, Michael Member since June 2017 PO Box 12132 Salem, OR 97309 Phone: 541-979-4170 Email:

Mann, Kristina

Mann, Kristina Company: Kristina Mann, Private Investigator P.O. Box 699 Monmouth, Oregon 97361 Phone: 541-990-3576 Email:

Miller, Lisa L

Miller, Lisa L Member since January 2021 License:  79717 Company:  Clark Investigative Services, LLC Email: Phone:  503-910-7432 Fax:  N/A Address:  P.O. Box 13693, Salem, Oregon 97301-5048 Website:  N/A Specialties:  Pre-Employment Background...

Nikas, Mary

Nikas, Mary J Member since May 2005 Company: Willamette Valley Enterprises, Inc. 4676 Commercial St. SE; #176 Salem, OR 97302 Phone: 5035854747 Fax: 5035854744 Email: Specialties: Asset Recovery, Background Investigation, Collections Judgments,...

Roelof, Gerrit C

Roelof, Gerrit C Member since February/2020 License: 74348 Company: Integrity Investigative Solutions LLC Email: Phone: 503-908-9911 Address: P.O. Box 5942, Salem, OR 97304 Website:

Schoaps, Susan

Schoaps, Susan Member since June 2016 Company:  Public Defender of Marion County  198 Commercial St. SE, Ste 240 Salem, OR 97301 Phone:  503-480-0521 Fax:  503-480-0522 Email: Website:...

Stein, Terra L

Stein, Terra L Member since February/2020 License: 95387 Company: Public Defender of Marion County Email: Phone: 503-480-0521 Ext. 324 Fax: 503-480-0522 Address: 198 Commercial St. SE #240, Salem, OR 97301 Website: Specialties: Public...

Tullius, Gregory E

Tullius, Gregory E Member since May 2019 PI License #63222 Company:   GET Investigations, LLC Email: Phone:   503-877-2614 Address:   PO Box 5502, Salem, OR 97304 Specialties:   35 years as an Investigator, 33 years in Law Enforcement...