Accurso, Jacob

Accurso, Jacob Member since March 2017 Company: Jacob Accurso Investigations PO Box 123 Siletz, OR 97380 Phone: 541-444-1234 Email:

Andal, Debra

Andal, Debra J Member since November 2007 Company:  Privado Investigations Address:  PO Box 265, Salem, OR 97308  Phone:  503-399-8377 Fax:  503-399-8412 Email:

Arana, David A

Arana, David A  Member since September 2019 PI License #28547 Company: Platinum Investigative Resources Email: Phone: (503) 362-4624 Fax: Address: 4676 SE Commercial St. Suite 356 Salem, OR 97302 Website: Specialties: 5 years...

Armitage, Barclay

Armitage, Barclay Member since October 2017 Company: CFM Connect LLC 5530 SE Center St. Portland, OR 97206 Phone: 971-222-2500 Fax: 503-771-4202 Email: Website:

Baker, Nena

Baker, Nena Member since March 2008 Company: Intrepid Investigations, LLC 1020 SW Taylor St., Suite 810 Portland, OR 97205 Phone: 9712754575 Email: Specialties: Background Investigation, Civil Rights, Computer Searches, Corporate, Criminal...

Batchelder-Galvan, Nicholas

Batchelder-Galvan, Nicholas Member since April 2021 Company: NBG Investigation Group and Notary 3000 Market St Suite 407 Salem, OR 97301 Phone: 541-272-9869 Alt Phone: 541-270-4471 Email: Website:

Battilega, Jesse

Battilega, Jesse Member since July 2020 License: 64907 Company: JB Premium Investigations Email: Phone: 503-415-1335 Fax: N/A Address: 740 NE 3rd ST Suite 3 #154 Bend Oregon 97701 Website: Specialties:...

Becker, Randolph E

Becker, Randolph E Member since February/2020 License: 33377 Company: Randy E. Becker, ENT Email: Phone: 541-821-7848 Address: 2848 Courtney Circle, Medford, OR 97504 Specialties: Criminal Defense, Civil...

Beers, Shirley Ann

Beers, Shirley Ann Member since December 2018 License:  033378 Company:  Beers Investigations Email: Phone:  503-289-2280 Fax:  N/A Address:  6204 N. Moore Ave, Portland, OR, 97217 Website: Specialties: ...

Bender, Richard

Bender, Richard Member since October 2010 Company: RB Investigations PO Box 5817 Salem, OR 97304 Phone: 5033704100 Email: Specialties: Personal Injury, Process Service

Bercovici, Adam

Bercovici, Adam Member since February 2021 License:  99552 Company:  Titan National Consulting Group, LLC Email: Phone:  661-607-4324 Fax:  N/A Address:  19550 Amber Meadow Drive Suite 227, Bend, Oregon 97702 Website:

Bercovici, Alex

Bercovici, Alex Member since July 2020 License:  74546 Company:  Titan National PNW Email: Phone:  503-748-9390 Fax:  N/A Address:  4207 SE Woodstock Blvd. Suite 140, Portland Oregon 97206 Website: Specialties:  Process...

Brown, Bernard

Brown, Bernard A Member since December 2002 Company: Bernard A Brown Investigations PO Box 1723 Albany, OR 97321 Phone: 541-619-6348 Fax: 855-926-6614 Email: Specialties: Arson Investigation, Background Investigation, Credit Card Fraud,...

Brown, David

Brown, David Company: Chinook Investigations LLC 54020 Dahlgren Rd. Scappoose, OR 97056 Phone: 503-329-1962 Email:

Burgess, Stacy R

Last Name, First Name Burgess, Stacy R Member since July 2021 License:    101144 Company:    Burgess Investigations and Information Services Email: Phone:    530-941-6413 Fax:   Address:    PO Box 114, Agness, OR 97406 Website:   Specialties:  ...

Butler, Ben

  Butler, Ben Member since October 2016 License: 83390 Company: Ben Butler Investigations 58 N. Grand Eugene, OR 97402 Phone: 541-954-4777 Email: Website:

Button, Charles A

Button, Charles Member since April 2021 License:    098034 Company:    Sebens Enterprises, LLC Email: Phone:    503-949-4155 Fax:   Address:    855 E. Kathy St, Stayton, OR 97383 Website:

Campbell, Patti

Campbell, Patti M Member since October 2006 Company: Patti Campbell 2870 NE Hogan Rd Ste E Box 244 Gresham, OR 97030 Phone: 5039133435 Email: Specialties: Background Investigation, Criminal Defense, General Investigation, Notary Published Comments:...

Caretti, Joyce A

Caretti, Joyce A Member since October 1996 PI License #33401 Company: Bonk and Bonk Investigations 92094 Cape Arago Highway Coos Bay, OR 97420 Phone: 541-888-6492 Fax: 541-888-3888 Email: Specialties: Criminal and Civil...

Carr, Alan P

Carr, Alan P Member since September 2021 License:    94941 Company:   Email:   Phone:   Fax:   Address:   Website:   Specialties:  

Carroll, Bill

Carroll, Bill C Member since December 2009 Company: Carroll Consulting, LLC PO Box 126 Grand Ronde, OR 97347 Phone: 5038799016 Alt Phone: 503.559.7083 Email: Website: Specialties: Accident Investigation,...

Caswell, Helen

Caswell, Helen Member since September 2016 Company: Caswell Legal Investigations 317 Court St., #201 Salem, OR 97301 Phone: 503-990-6717 Email:

Caughlin, Charles

Caughlin, Charles Member since March 2014 Company: Caughlin Investigations 155 NW 1st John Day, OR 97245 Phone: 503-577-6452 Fax: 541-575-5554 Email: Specialties: Arson Investigation, Criminal Defense, Medical Research, Process...

Chastain, Dan

Chastain, Dan Member since January 2018 Company: Chastain Investigations 12042 SE Sunnyside Rd. #488 Clackamas, OR 97015 Phone: 503-482-9120 Email:

Cole, Duane

Cole, Duane Member since February 2018 Company: DC Investigations 16640 SW Moonstone Ln. Beaverton, OR 97007 Phone: 503-277-3753 Email:

Contratto, Michael

Contratto, Michael Member since October 2013 Company: Advocate Investigative Agency, Inc 38954 Proctor Blvd Ste. 326 Sandy, OR 97055 Phone: 5032183949 Fax: 877-987-4640 Alt Phone: 503-218-3949 Email:

Cooper, Steve

Cooper, Steve Member since August 2021 License:    102569 Company:    Pathfinder Investigations, LLC Email: Phone:    503-902-5158 Fax:   Address:    4676 Commercial St SE #54, Salem, OR 97302 Website:  ...

Courtney, Terry

Courtney, Terry Member since November 2018 License: 71454 Company: Courtney & Associates Email: Phone: 206-290-5340 Fax: Address: PO Box 8586, Portland, OR 97207 Website: Specialties: General...

Dammeier, Julie

Dammeier, Julie Member since December 2017 Company: JD Investigations PO Box 1528 Newport, OR 97365 Phone: 541-265-2128 Alt Phone: 541-961-8750 Email: Specialties: Background Investigation, Collections Judgments, Criminal Defense, Domestic Matters,...

Dankenbring, Gina

Dankenbring, Gina Member since June 2021 License:   74521 Company:   Tigon Investigations Email: Phone:   503-689-2910 Fax:   Address:   PO Box 12511, Salem, OR 97309 Website:  ...

Darling, William R

Darling, William R Member since December 2020 License:  74548 Company:  Avid Investigations, Inc. Email: Phone:  503-837-9400 Fax:  503-831-4731 Address:  4568 Kings Valley Hwy, Dallas, OR 97338 Website: Specialties:  Insurance...

de la Torre, Raul

de la Torre, Raul Member since May 2007 License:   33483 Company:   Privado Investigations Email: Phone:   503-399-8366 Fax:   503-399-8412 Address:   PO Box 265, Salem, OR 97308 Website: Specialties:  ...

Deaton, Steven

Deaton, Steven Member since February 2016 Company: Medford Ferry Company 1017 Queen Anne Ave. Medford, OR 97504 Phone: 541-499-6494 Alt Phone: 541-930-0220 Email: Website: Specialties: Aerial Reconnaissance, Aircraft...

Dodge, Jeff

Dodge, Jeff Member since March 2018 Company: Falcon Investigations Inc. 750 Lawrence Eugene, OR 97401 Phone: 541-337-5959 Email:

Downie, Matthew D

Downie, Matthew D Member since October 2019 PI License #46842 Company: Public Defender of Marion County Email: Phone: (503) 480-0521 Fax: Address: 198 Commercial St. Salem, OR 97301 Website: Specialties:...

Dueber, Paul

Dueber, H Paul Member since May 2007 Company: Dueber Associates PO Box 549 Cannon Beach, OR 97110 Phone: 5037172997 Fax: 5034362769 Email: Specialties: Accident Investigation, Criminal Defense, General Investigation, Personal Injury, Product...

Dunham, Rodney

Dunham, Rodney Member since May 2017 Company: Navigate Investigations PO Box 1074 Dallas, OR 97338 Phone: 503-510-2309 Email:

Elliott, Britnee

Elliott, Britnee Member since June 2016 Company: Elliott Investigations PO Box 7707 Klamath Falls, OR 97602 Phone: 541-891-5684 Fax: 541-880-5564 Email:

Faulk, Charles

Faulk, Charles J Member since March 2010 Company: CJ Faulk and Associates 16869 SW 65th Ave #371 Lake Oswego, OR 97035 Phone: 5033325970 Email: Website: Specialties: Accident Investigation, Arson Investigation, Background Investigation,...

Ferder, Robert

Ferder, Robert A. Member since March 2010 Company: Robert A. Ferder, Private Investigator PO Box 17371 Salem, OR 97305-7371 Phone: 5033396388 Alt Phone: (503)393-2415 Email: