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Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance

For OALI members AMIS Insurance is offering a 14.9% discount for E&O insurance. With the discount, AMIS offers the liability limits of 1 Mill/5 Mill policy coverage, including Blanket Additional Insureds, Sexual Abuse and Molestation and Misc Property. AMIS will provide additional quotes and comparisons upon request. OALI provides this opportunity as a benefit only, we do not receive gratuities nor do we promote this firm as the only source for E&O insurance.


AMIS / Alliance Marketing and Insurance Services
-A Nationwide Insurance Agency-
(800) 843-8550 – FAX 760-471-9378 or 800-573-8550

CaseWorks – Investigative Case Management System


For OALI members only. Miller Computer Group is offering up to $120 in annual savings for a subscription to Case Works. Case Works has been voted the best Case Management system for 12 years running. This offer is for the cloud based version of Case Works. Case Works has proven to increase revenue and reduce your administrative burden. What could be better? Get more money and spend less time on administrative chores.

What does Case Works do? Creates invoices, investigative reports, conflict checks to name a few. Check out to get an idea of how in depth Case Works is at creating a better work flow.

Try Case Works for 30 days, no obligation, no credit card required. The standard pricing is $75/month, as an OALI member you will receive a $10 per month savings.

You can email us at:

Our web site:

OPENonline Investigative Database

OPENonline has agreed to provide participating OALI Members the following benefits:

  • No Monthly Service Charge
  • 15% Discount – Discount applies on reports for all OALI Members
  • Reduced One-Time Set-Up Fee – OALI Members receive a 50% discount (Retail $100.00)
  • Local Based Support – Located in Portland, Oregon

OPENonline Inquiry Form

Under the “Message” portion of the form, please enter the code OALI17 to receive the OALI Membership discount.

Continuing Education Seminars

OALI hosts three continuing education seminars each year. These seminars are provided to enhance learning and networking and to offer a means for investigators to meet the continuing education requirements of the Oregon Department of Public Safety, Standards & Training (DPSST). Those attending these seminars are sure to accumulate the required hours.

OALI begins the year with the Spring Seminar, held in mid-March. In June, OALI hosts the Summer Seminar in conjunction with the Annual Business Meeting. The Fall Seminar is held in October.

The costs to the members for the seminars vary, depending on the cost of the facility and the projected number of attendees.

Seminar Tapes

Each seminar is videotaped. These tapes provide an alternative means to earn continuing education credits. However, members are encouraged to attend our continuing education seminars. This is because we wish to provide all members access to their peers to exchange information, ideas and the building of camaraderie. For that reason, the costs of the videotapes will never be less than the initial cost of the seminar itself.

OALI Forum

The OALI Forum is an email discussion tool that members can use to ask questions, present problems, offer advice, and communicate with other OALI members.

OALI Website

The website is continually updated and contains information about:

  • The current Executive Board of Directors, Regional Directors, and the OALI Advisory Panel
  • The Past Presidents of OALI
  • Conferences and Seminars
  • By Laws
  • The Code of Ethics
  • DPSST Certified Continuing Education Credits

The site also hosts our online Membership Directory, which site visitors can use to contact OALI members.

Membership Pins

Our members receive a membership lapel pin when they join OALI. Board members receive a Gold pin, general members receive a Silver pin.